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I was tagged by jodeee and I'll be answering these questions (which by the way were created by bonivich ) but, though the rules strictly forbidden it... I won't be tagging anyone else. Sorrey, rules, I just wanted to answer the questions, hahaha. And I don't have too many friends I interact with to feel comfortable to tag them =<

I'd also like to add that I'm not a native English speaker so I apologize if something sounds odd, usually there's more that I'd like to say but I don't know how to, exactly, in English. And that's bad for me but maybe not for the readers because boy, I like to write.

Anyway, here we go!

1. Who/what are some of your inspirations as an artist/writer? Explain.

I guess the main inspiration is the observation and experience of life itself. Everything is cointained in it, right? How we perceive things around us. I think the impulse to making art has to do with this need of translating everything we live and observe that makes us feel something into something more, into a message that will convey to the rest of the world our inner and personal vision. And I've always been very introspective so there's so much inside me that I feel the urge to express.
For me the inspiration comes from many sources - anything that touches my heart and spirit, or feeds my mind. It can be other artists, stories, ideas, emotions, nature, poetry, dreams I have had.
For some reason when I think of what my main inspirations are, I think of what has influenced me in my childhood, because it endures to the present day. That would be everything related to myths, fairytales and mysticism. A major inspiration was the book Faeries, by Froud and Lee. But I've been drawn to anything that was related to faeries and fantasy, it just resonates with me a lot.

2. Describe the aesthetics of your work. Basically, give me an artist statement summarising your work or the goals you wish to aspire to in your work.

I feel I'm still trying to develop a cohesion and style. Though other people has been telling me that my style is easily recognizable, I don't feel it too much. I feel like I'm always trying to learn or try something new with each piece I make. I actually restrain myself a lot from simply drawing and painting for fun, and that are a series of things that happen in my head that I don't feel the need to go on about right now, but I end up feeling constantly frustrated for not being able to get everything I have in my head and making it into art. This is one of my life's struggles actually, haha. Something I need to overcome, as I would like to be more prolific artistically. Anyway, I think I wish to convey some sense of transcendence through my art. Visions of dreams, creatures from beyond the mundane world, the mystic and occult. Art is very deeply spiritual for me, and have spiritual purposes. But it's also very whimsical as it's something that allows me to create my own world and characters in it.

3. What are some of your favourite books and why?

Unfortunately I feel I haven't read as many books as I'd like! But I'm very attracted to fantasy stories, The Neverending Story being one of my favorites. I also enjoyed Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, for approaching very interesting themes like religion, conscience, and other things in such a brilliant way, under a fantasy cloak. There is also a book that is a very important one for me, which is Women who Runs with the Wolves, for providing very deep insights. And I'm currently enjoying Mark Twain's The Mysterious Stranger, because it has so much to do with my own reflections and observations of human existence.

4. Tell me a unique feature/trait of one of your original characters. (i.e. an interesting physical feature, an abnormal quirk/habit, etc.)

Oh, my few OCs are not so well developed, just some vague ideas and it's been so long since I've drawn them! But there is a special one, named Balthazar, which I created when I was younger as an "imaginary friend", but he has changed and grown with me through the years. He's some sort of demon/guardian.

5. What is your favourite painting/work from an artist you admire/are inspired by and why?

I would say Brian Froud but it's so hard to pick a favorite by him and even more to describe why. Instead I'll say The Fallen Angel, by Alexandre Cabanel. Though the artist himself is not a favorite in particular, this specific piece is very special! I've always been drawn to the theme of fallen angels, Lucifer, this divine drama. There are so many spiritual implications to that. And this piece is also so emotional, no worst tragedy than to be expelled from divine grace. I want to comfort that beautiful fallen angel, hahah.

6. What music/genre would you say best matches your body of work?

Oh gee, I'm not even sure how to describe the music genre I like to listen to - it varies a lot, from things labeled as "experimental", indie folk, to some subgenres of metal like avant-garde, black, doom, orthodox choirs, and others I don't know hahahaha. I like music which conveys intense emotions, or mystery. I think it's hard to describe. I don't know what would best match my body of work! Maybe the mysterious atmospheric kind. But I guess it depends more of how each person sees it.

7. Take your first name and look up its meaning; write down the meaning or one meaning of your name, and tell me why you think this does or does not fit you as a person.

Apparently the name Caroline has different origins and meanings. Depending of the origin, it can mean "manly", "free man", "sweet woman", "song of joy". I don't know, I guess I am kind of manly, but also sweet and I value freedom and like to sing. Hahah.

8. What season best describes your personality? (Note: this is not a question of what is your favourite season, unless they match, but where your personality might match the weather, lore, etc.)

I'd say spring. The beginning of it, just after winter. It's still cold but getting warmer and flowers are sprouting. I feel that my job in life is to accept and respect natural cycles, transforming sorrows and darkness into beauty and learning. Even with times of apparent stillness, it's a constant growth, and I always want to be creating beautiful things somehow.

9. Do you watch anime? If so, tell me some of your favourite series. If not, then what do you not like/find appealing in anime, or, alternatively, tell me one of the worst anime's you have seen and why?

I used to watch anime in my youth, I loved Sailor Moon and Saint Seiya hahah. Revolutionary Girl Utena was also a later favorite. I still like those as they're nostalgic. Nowadays I'm not too much into anime, but sometimes I watch one or another that someone recommends me. But I kinda don't like what the "anime culture" and fandom have become, hehe.

10. Look at your body of work. Do you see a pattern in your colour choices, or the tone of those colour choices (such as vibrant, dull, bold, pastel, etc)? If so, describe why you believe this pattern exists. Is it a deliberate choice or a pattern you return to without thinking about it?

As much as I try to go more muted, I end up with some vibrant colors, at least somewhere in the painting, with very few exceptions. It's not very deliberate, it just happens. I have a thing for iridecence and rainbows and gemstones, since I was a child... it's a kind of beauty that speaks to me in deep levels! Also I've been told of the way I use light. I think the ways we choose to express ourselves, consciously or not, are very symbolic.

11. What is a favourite quote you have from a book, movie, video game, anime, etc? Why is it your favourite?

It's hard for me to remember if I don't have them all written down somewhere, speacially if it's from a book or movie etc. But I have some quotes that I actually wrote down in a little book, from random sources, that are significant for me. I'll pick two because I find their subjects related:
"Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror." (Khalil Gibran)
"Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul." (Alice Walker)
I'm fascinated by the concept of beauty not only in an aesthetic sense, but as a state of mind, or a way to perceive things. To perceive beauty induces us to a state of bliss, and the other way round is also true. Beauty, blissfulness and truth, they're all intimately related. We see beauty when we are able to see the whole picture, when everything makes sense.

12. Do you have a favourite art movement or art period? If so, what is it and why?

I know little in detail about art movements and periods, but I'd say Symbolism, as I can relate to it in the matter of using dream, imagination and symbolic imagery, and the concept of an image not being interpreted with a plain meaning or merely descriptively, but instead, a symbol of something more esoteric. (I'd like to say more but I feel limited by my English vocabulary right now hahah)
Though I can't fail to mention Pre-Raphaelism as a favorite, too.

13. The person who tagged you has also done this questionnaire (maybe with the questions you provided), what about this person have you learned that you may not have known before, or, alternatively, what did you think struck you as interesting in their responses?

It's hard to point something in particular, I enjoyed to know a lot of things that Jodie said and I could relate to so much of it! I think mostly to how she described the aesthetics of her work, having dark and seductive themes, as these are things that definitely draw me to a painting (or art in general) and are among my main interests, too.


Caroline Jamhour
Artist | Digital Art

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AKFid Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! I'm writing to say I absolutely adore your gallery. Your style is outstanding. :heart:
Have a nice day! :sun:
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Hello there! Thank you so much!! :heart: I wish you a nice day too!
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BlakeHargrave Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Student General Artist
When I do get better at art, I would like for it to be something universal. Even if my intended meaning isn't what others may see, it is nice to know what they see and what they think of it. It is an interesting thing and also a trait that makes art special. I do like your angel paintings. They reminds me of Satan's angels. Dark but haven't quite lost their form because they are angels afterall. I see something in your paintings and you are a very talented artist. I wish you the best of luck on finding yourself through art someday. I believe that you will. I also hope to see more from you. :)
aeryael Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016   Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your kind words ♥ Yes, I find it very interesting to know what others see in my art, even more because I myself am deprived of an "alien look" to what I do. It's fascinating after all, this form of communication that goes beyond spoken language and have mysterious ways and hidden messages. I don't know if I'll find myself doing art or if it's an unending journey, but I'll surely continue anyway =)
BlakeHargrave Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016  Student General Artist
You're very welcome! I would love for you to continue. Your thoughts and mind are very interesting. :)
aeryael Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016   Digital Artist
Thank you, I'm glad you think that! ♥
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MensjeDeZeemeermin Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016
I hope beauty chases you while you chase it, and that wonder and majesty leave your quest for glory very successful.  I hope you find many fun things to do, many wonderful sights to see, and many extraordinary people with whom to interact in positive ways.  May the unexpected always turn out to be good.  I hope this year is one of successful efforts to improve, new friendships made, old friendships renewed, and may you and those you love have a wonderful ride together around the sun in the year beginning with this HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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Thank you so much for the lovely message!! :heart:
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